Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praying and Hoping for our Waiting Child by James

Mary and I met with our family physician on Friday to discuss the medical needs of a few of the little boys on the Waiting Child photolisting. He was very helpful at sorting through the medical records, and pointed out some of the challenges each child might face. We took his advice to heart, and decided to submit to Holt our desire to adopt one of the boys. He has what we would consider to be a minor medical problem, and his little face is just too cute. Its weird to say that we feel spiritually connected to him through just a couple of photos and his medical records, but we both feel like he would be a good fit for our family.

Right now, Holt has stopped taking requests for his records, and the other families who requested his information have two weeks to make their decisions. If either of them also want to adopt him, our applications will go before a committee, there will be a phone interview, and Holt will decide which family will be the best fit for him. So, we are continuing to pray for faith that if it is meant to be, it will be. We are trying not to get our hopes up too much, but it is very hard. So, until we know something, we aren't going to post anything about him. Until then, we will just continue praying and hoping.


Jayme said...

I pray that this little boy is the one for you. I have heard great things about Holt's WC. Some are very minor and you skip the really long wait. We will be praying for you and our family. God Bless.


Butch and Tracy said...

I will be praying for you...

Julie said...

Oh my word!!! I definitely believe in connections. But more than that, I believe in prayer. Kelton and I will have both of you in our prayers. I surely hope this works out. You two will be amazing parents and this little one will be soooo blessed.

Love and prayers,
Julie and Kelton

Jen said...

Hi, my name is Jen. My husband and I are also adopting a baby from Korea through Holt! Our official waiting date is January 6, 2009. I hope it's ok but I asked to follow your blog, I love meeting other families adopting from Korea!

Grace and peace,

MrsFought said...

I just read your blog and I think it is absolutely amazing what you guys are doing. My husband and I have not been able to have a baby(we have been trying for 6 years) and are foster parents hoping to adopt. It is nice to "reconnect" with people you once knew and to find they are going through a situation you understand. You guys are in our prayers and I hope everything goes wonderful!