Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our chunky monkey by Mary

On Friday we were suprised with these updated photos of Henry. We knew from his Well Baby checkup reports that he was getting chubby. We were amused to see just what a little chunky monkey he really is! Our latest report, which was when he was 6 1/2 months old in February states that he is 20 lbs, and that his nutrition is "good." It will be interesting to see what his March report will show.

Also, we expected that he would have more hair--he seems to have even less than before. When my mom saw his new pictures for the first time, she squealed with delight and said he looks like Buddha.

We love that he seems so happy. He has personality for sure. Just look at those pictures where he is kicked back on the crib--adorable. I have to admit it was a little strange to see his new pictures at first. I had been staring at his first two pictures for so long (ever since early January) that those images of him were all I could imagine. It was slightly difficult to transition to the idea that this is him now. Some adoptive parents never do receive updated photos, so the first time they see their baby in person is probably quite a shock. We are blessed that we have gotten these pictures.

On a funny note, a couple of weeks ago when we went nuts and shopped for Henry at the outlets in San Marcos, we (and the grandmas) had purchased quite a few baby clothes for him despite warnings about "you don't know how big he will be."
Well, very few of those clothes are going to fit our little chunk. We had purchased 12 month clothes for the summer when he first comes home and 18 months for the fall/winter. Yesterday we went to several stores to swap out sizes for what we could. Now we are getting 18 months for the summer and 24 months for the fall/winter. If Henry continues to get "fluffier" then none of the new things will fit either. James and I laughed about imagining going back to the stores again and again to size up.


Julie said...

He's soooo cute!!!

Amy Haas said...

I love him already! He has the best smile. I hope he gets to come home about the time Emory is born and then we can all get together and meet the littles ones for first time.

Do you remember how "fluffy" Liberty was? Having a chubby is the greatest!

Love you,


Debi said...

Ohhh he is so sweet and what a big boy. I love you all and share your fever!
Aunt Debi

Jenny said...

I love your chunk!!! Chunky babies are definitely the cutest. By the way, your awesome looking blog inspired me to do one on Blogger, too. Hope it's not rude to invite you to see it on your comments, I'm a social networking newbie. Hope you guys are doing good, we miss you!!

Wezie said...

He's so cute! I have been so caught up with the yearbook that I have not been keeping up with Facebook and blogs. I know you and James will be happy when he is finally here. His crib fabric is so pretty. I would have never known how to put all of that're so smart!

Dustin Phillips said...

Haha what a porky little guy! Can't wait to meet him, he and Clark can do some running around together.