Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Fun---lots of pictures!

The title of this post is a bit ironic because at the moment fall is anything but fun around here. We have all had the swine flu. Henry had it first, and was horribly sick. Of course just as he began to feel much better James and I came down with it. It is ridiculously difficult for there to be two sick parents and have a little one who is going stir crazy from not leaving the house. Let's just say that our house is a disaster and we are just barely making it. This too shall pass, right?

I want to share some cute fall pictures. The first set is from our trip to Hall's Pumpkin Farm a few weeks ago.

This next set of pictures is from our trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Henry thought it was a blast to just wander around among nature. We definitely need to take another trip there once we are all well. The pictures turned out a bit dark because we were taking them at dusk.

And, finally, the last set of pictures is from Halloween. Henry had been really sick a couple days beforehand, but by that night he was feeling quite a bit better so we decided to take him trick-or-treating at a mall because I couldn't stand for him to miss out on his first Halloween! He really seemed to enjoy it. He didn't seem to mind his ninja costume one bit, and he was fascinated with looking at all of the other kids in costume.

Henry has been home now 4 months and he just turned 15 months old. Things are definitely getting better, but we still have our unexplained rough patches (such as today---he's screamed and tantrumed since he woke up). We plan on taking him to see an international adoption pediatrician just to make sure that everything is ok attachment-wise. Henry is so smart and full of personality. We are constantly amazed by some of the clever things he does. More about that on the next post. Right now, I am a tired, sick mommy who has a little boy who needs me!

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