Monday, June 22, 2009

Nursery 2.0

James and I had a busy week last week and an even busier weekend. Our niece Jenny, who will be a senior in high school in the fall, was visiting and helped us out a lot with preparing our house to be put on the market. We scrubbed all of the little nooks and crannies and have packed and stored about half of our belongings. It feels good to finally see the "For Sale" sign in the front yard, even though I'm still sad about leaving.

After we tirelessly worked on the house, we decided to finish up the little details of Henry's nursery that we were too busy and tired to previously complete. Jenny sanded down the dresser in Henry's room all by herself so that we could repaint it with brown and green stripes. The finish on it previously was a dingy, nasty shellacked sort of paint job that we've hated ever since we bought the dresser 5 years ago at the antique store. Here's what it looks like now...

We also added this big comfy chair from Ikea so that we could sit and cuddle him as we read to him at night. I love that it was very affordable and has a machine washable slipcover that can be replaced for less than $30!

Here is a close up of the crib skirt and fitted sheet that my sweet mother-in-law made for Henry's crib. She's still working on the bumper pad and quilt that will tie it all together. We love it and think that she did a great job!

James was carefully hanging Henry's name letters on the wall on Father's Day. It's cute how much he wants him to come home too---just as much as I do!!

And here's our beautiful neice Jenny who helped us so much all week and went to dozens of baby stores with only a little complaining :) .... everything is 100% ready for our little guy--our house we've been working on fixing up for months is finally on the market, he has a cozy little nursery (that can also easily be set up in our next house), he has a full wardrobe of clothes for the next year of his life, he has all of the important baby accessories, he has his travel visa, and most importantly, he has LOTS of people who love him already and can't wait to meet him!


Amy Haas said...

So glad you have your house on the market. We decided to sell ours as well. Sign went in the yard yesterday! I'm so ready for these babies!!! I hope they both get here SOON!

Love you,

candice said...

Mary- the nursery turned out just beautiful! I love the colors you chose and all the details- wow!

Praying you get that TC and Henry will be on his way home this week!

MrsFought said...

Love love love the nursery! It is sooo cute :) We are praying for your phone to ring soon!!!!! Can't wait!

Jennifer said...

Mary - I love your nursery. I think your theme is absolutely adorable.I can't wait until you post the rest of the crib bedding. It is just so original and special. I know Henry will love it. I just know you are going to get that TC SOON!!!!

Kelly said...

Totally envious!! LOVE Henry's room!!!! I really need to think of a new 'plan' for Briar's bedroom with all these cute ones I've seen lately!!!!!

SO glad you precious angel is finally coming home and I can't wait to see a picture of Henry IN his room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!