Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today's the day

I cannot believe we will meet our baby in a few hours! His plane just made it from S Korea and landed at the San Francisco International Airport where he and his escort are likely going through customs at this very moment. Then they will fly to Denver and finally be on their way here! It still seems very surreal to me. James and I have spent the last few days relaxing, shopping for last minute things we need, and imagining what it will be like! Ironically, this morning we discovered that we had an email from Holt, and it was his June "well-baby" report. It's so funny to receive one now because during our 4 month wait, those reports were our lifeline to him, and now we are finally going to meet him!

Here are some updates from the report:
He weighs 23.1 lbs (75th percentile!)
He is 29.5 in tall (25th percentile, so he's on the short, chubby side!)
He has 6 teeth (3 on top and 3 on the bottom)
He pulls to standing position, stands alone, and walks holding on to furniture.
He has good fine motor skills.
He waves bye-bye and plays peek-a-boo.
He prefers his foster mother.
He babbles.
He was assessed to be right on target at an 11 month developmental age.

We cannot wait to meet him and discover everything about him. More to come later!


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see you with Henry!!! We will see you tonight!!

Julie said...

Oh mercy!! Cruising furniture already? LOL. You are in for such a treat! That, to me, is the best developmental stage for toddlers and infants. LOVE it.

Mary and James, thank you for allowing everyone to follow you in this journey. It's been a long road for you two, hasn't it? And now, today, is the result of all the praying and hard work. AAAAAAH!! Congratulations Mom and Dad! It's a boy!

Jenny said...

Yeah!!! We're so happy for you guys!!! 23 lbs.? He's already passed up our 1-year-old Josh - yeah for linebacker-babies! :)