Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two playground trips

All summer I had been very eager to take Henry to a playground, but with the super hot Texas  heat, we had to wait for cooler temperatures before we could go. We finally made it to a playground recently. I put Henry in a toddler swing and he loved it. Unfortunately, we were only there a few minutes before a mentally ill homeless man started harrassing us. He was yelling at me from a distance away and saying how sexy I was. I turned my back on him and was determined not to let him spoil our outing. Then he yelled at Henry and said he was as sexy as his momma and proceeded to pee on a tree. You can believe that we got out of there quickly at that point, and a phone call to the police was made. Here are the cute pictures I took before the creepy man showed up.

For some reason he was really excited to find this stick on the playground.

After that bummer of a playground trip, I decided that we just had to give it another try. It had been raining a lot recently, but I didn't let that deter my plans. I took Henry to the small playground at our apartment complex. It was muddy and wet, but I helped Henry climb and slide on the equipment. And, contrary to my personal loathing of getting stains on clothes, I allowed Henry to fully get messy. I accidentally left my camera in the apartment, so I only captured a few post-playing messy photos. Honestly, I don't think Henry enjoyed the dirt. He kept trying to wipe it off....a boy after my own heart.

Cute little shoes! This was probably the last time he'll wear them because they are now too small. We just had to buy a new pair of Stride Rite's to replace them--size 6 extra wide!!!


Jennifer said...

Your outing looked like so much fun!! Henry lookecd like he was having a blast in the swing. I love the picture of him laughing with the stick. It is too cute!!

Kim said...

Mary, I have to admit I'm laughing a little out loud!! I'm so sorry about the crazy man, but you do not have the best luck at parks, huh?!?! And good for you for letting your boy get a little dirty, even if he didn't like it!!! That little Rock Star is just so adorable!