Thursday, July 2, 2009

He's here!!!

I'm going to have to cut back on my usual ramblings today because I'm fighting some serious exhaustion. Also, I only have a very small window of time before Henry wakes up.

Picking him up at the airport Tuesday night was wonderful!! It really couldn't have gone any better. He went right into my arms without tears and was just looking around at everyone for the longest time. Just before we left the airport, he began to laugh, smile, and play pat-a-cake. It was so cute!

Here are some quick things that I've learned about our new son:

He LOVES to eat! His escort told us several times that he ate a lot. Anytime he sees food he gets really, really excited.
He hates to be strapped into things (carseat, stroller, highchair).
He quickly became fascinated with the doggies and wants to play ball with Rocky all of the time.
He hates taking a bath...with a passion.
He quickly attached himself to me and won't really let me out of his sight. It's very sweet, but also sad too, because it shows how scared he is.
He really likes having his picture taken. Our family was his personal paparazzi on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and he really hammed it up!
He is having a hard time sleeping at night. He tosses, kicks, flips around, etc. most of the night. He is sleeping in our bed with us because that is the usual way families sleep in Korea. Thus, we are really not getting much sleep either. I know that he's also jet lagged, so that's a big factor too.

***Okay, this post has been on our computer for 24 hrs, and since it doesn't look like Mary is going to have time to finish it, I'm going to submit it for her.

Things have been going well. We are very tired, but very happy. We have lots of pics and video, and when we have time, we'll put them up on the blog.


Kim said...

Yay for you guys!! So happy he is home...some hopefully helpful tips?!?! Have you tried the kitchen sink for baths (although it only worked for a few weeks for us, but still, no tears!) and will he sleep in the crib? We were fully prepared for Zoey to sleep in our bed, but she slept in a crib in Korea and does great in one now (although she's still not quite sleeping through the night!) I wish you guys the best and am anxious for updates!

Jamie said...

Our boy slept in our bed for about two weeks and not he sleeps in his crib all night and for naps. I would try the crib if you can't get any sleep, especially if he's restless too. There are plenty of other ways to bond during waking hours.

Jamie said...

I meant to say "now he sleeps in his crib" not "not he sleeps in his crib" sorry.

Tina said...

Im so happy you have your son home now. I know the first couple of weeks can be exhausting. Hang in there. Our Gracie also bonded to me and would only have me for the first week or so. She quickly did warm up to daddy too. We also tried having her sleep with us, she was too restless. I tried her sleeping in her crib in her room for naps, and she slept pretty ok for her naps. So at night we also put her in the crib. She just did much better and we also were able to get some shut eye. :-) I do remember at first playing at 3am. It will all even out and he will eventually get on our US time. Be patient and remember how long you waited to get him, you had patience then, and you need them now with him too. He will grieve his foster family, but that is ok, it is acually healthy for him in order to create a strong bond to you. If you need anything Im here. Oh and one great thing we invested in was a front pack carrier. They use them alot there and still Grace loves to get in her front pack and cuddle. We will walk around the house, use it while shopping , or getting things done around the house. They feel very secure in them. Ours is a "beco carrier" and it puts their weight more aound your waste rather than your shoulders. I love it. Sleep will come...I promise. said...

I am so happy for you!!!! And....he's really a cutie!!!