Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why mealtimes require extra supervision around here

What can I say? Our poodle Rocky loves the baby for this reason only. Henry doesn't mind sharing with him one bit. By the way, Henry's first real word was "doggie." He says "mama" and "dada" but he mixes us up. "Doggie" is very much intended because he shouts it (in a slurred baby way) whenever he wakes up and sees them.
By the way, please ignore Rocky's glowing red eyes. He's not possessed....I promise.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Both of them are very cute!

Kim said...

That makes me laugh out loud!! Mostly because we have the same situation here...I caught my dad's dog licking Zoey's cracker today and then it made its way back to her mouth! I hope it's true what they say about dog's mouths being "naturally" clean!

Dave and Beth said...

Too cute!!