Sunday, May 31, 2009

Almost done with the nursery!

I love his crib! I can't wait to see the gorgeous baby bedding that his Granny has been working hard to make for him (see earlier post for crib fabric picture). The sign above the crib says, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed."

We are going to repaint that dresser with a few brown and green stripes going down the front of it. The low console with green and white plastic bins is from Ikea. I love how it provides storage for his toys that he can easily get into and that the top is a perfect surface for play. I think we are going to either paint it or stain it darker. Oh, and yes, I realize that his little wooden Noah's Ark play set is a choking hazard. I will put it away before he arrives. James and I were just playing with it. ;)

I brought in this brown velvet chair from our dining room. It's pretty small and uncomfortable to sit in, but it does look really cute in the room! I really want a cushy armchair in here so that I can snuggle and read books with him, but this will work for now. Also, notice the green circle rugs. We have 5 of them scattered around the room instead of one large rug. I like them, but I'm not sure that we'll keep them...still deciding.

A close up of one of his monkeys and a soft "lovie."

My sister-in-law Debi had this plate painted for Henry. It matches his room really well!
We spent this weekend working hard to prepare Henry's nursery for him. A lot of work was involved in this project! We are just about to put our house on the market so we decided to just paint the walls a neutral color. Also, the nursery has 7 (!!!!!) windows and all of them had glued-on masking tape from when our house was rehabbed before we moved in. Long ago we tried to scrape that tape off but eventually just gave up and put up window coverings. We worked on scraping those windows today for about 2 hours. We still aren't done yet...we have some "conflicting" wood-tones in the several furniture pieces and the floor that we plan on correcting. Also, his crib bedding is pretty offbeat and I think it will add a lot of funkiness to the room when my mother-in-law is done with it. I'm so happy that we finally have a space for him! It definitely makes everything seem more real. I hope that we get our good news soon!


Jennifer said...

Love the room!! The Monkey theme is adorable!! I hope you get really good news soon as well!!

Anonymous said...

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adopteemommy said...

I don't know if I told you yet, but love, love, love it!!! How's the house selling going?!?! Love keepin' it nice and clean for showings?!?! I HATE doing that! I did not realize our babies were so close in age either! Can't wait for playdates once he's home!