Saturday, May 2, 2009

Check out our timeline on the right--we're nearly to the end!!

We had 2 fantastic pieces of news this week. #1-Henry's Emigration Permit was approved (this is a big step in the coming-home process #2-the NVC (National Visa Center) has electronically sent his documents to Korea so that he can have a visa. Now that both of those are done, we only have a couple of things left before he will be travelling. I asked the wonderful adoptive parents on the Holt discussion board, who by the way, have been EXTREMELY helpful with this process, approximately how much longer do they think it will be until he comes home? Almost all responses indicated that sometime in May is the most likely time. I can hardly believe it! I've been telling myself July (and hoping for June) this whole time. I might need a substitute to finish out the school year...oh, how I hope!! He might be here for my baby shower May 27!!! Everyone please help us pray that our sweet boy's remaining steps will continue to be speedy. I can't wait to kiss those sweet little cheeks.


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh you guys, we're so happy for you!!! We really wish we could be there. :( We'll be praying that everything goes smoothly and that lil' Henry will be home soon.

MrsFought said...

I am so excited for you guys!!!! Please let me know if there is anything else you need or want :) We would LOVE to send something for you guys and little Henry!!!! We are constantly praying for you guys!!