Saturday, May 16, 2009

Look! New Henry Picture!

We just received a new picture of Henry with his foster mother and all of the stuff that we sent in his care package. We cropped out his foster mother's face for our blog to protect her privacy. We are so happy to have a picture of him with his foster mother so that later when we talk about his adoption, he can see how loved and cared for he was. orange hoodie! Doesn't he look so cute?

We are so excited. Several other families who are in last stage of their adoptions like we are just received their travel calls. That means that he could be coming home any time now.

Oh my gosh...are we ready? (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


MrsFought said...

OMG....he is way tooo cute!!! We are so happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!! He will be in your arms before you know it!!!!!! God Bless you guys and your little prince!

Amy Haas said...

He is so cute! I just showed Liberty where Korea is on the map and read to her some facts about Korea. She said she doesn't ever want to go there because the have Typhoons! Weather anomalies really freak her out.



Julie said...

Every time you post new photos, I tear up! :) I've so loved following your journey. I hope your call comes soon! I bet your Henry-induced insomnia is kicking up again!

Richelle said...

I have been following your blog for the past few weeks.
My husband and I are on the same timeline as you guys. We can hardly wait to meet our son!
Our P3 was sent on 5/6.
We will be keeping you and Henry in our prayers and look forward to updates on your site.

candice said...

Hi Mary!
Jumping over here from the Holt BB and I am finally "following" your blog!
I love the new picture of Henry- it's so bittersweet getting those new pics though. So happy to see them, but still sad that they are growing bigger without us!
I am still hoping and praying for good news for all of us this week!!!! C'mon VI and TC's!!!!

Jenny said...

Oh, you guys, we wish we were there with you!!! Henry and Josh could wrestle (drool-fest!) :) We are so happy for you. Dear God, please watch over little Henry on his long journey home.